Increasingly, discerning artists, producers, directors and agency executives are shunning big, impersonal facilities houses for more private, intimate studios owned and operated by people who care, creative people who are passionately involved in delivering a more flexible, full service offering.

SHILLING FOX is such a place.

The music production and audio post studio at SHILLING FOX is tucked away in a home-based loft room in Hurlingham, just minutes away from the heart of South African business in Sandton Johannesburg. Though not the biggest in town, the facility boasts a D-Command equipped, 5.1 ready Pro Tools HDX system, a collection of vintage and modern mics and instruments, some classic analogue outboard gear - and really great Italian coffee - all in all a surprisingly sophisticated and most versatile package!

Owner operator, certified Pro Tools expert instructor, and Loerie award winning soundtrack producer Duncan Todd built the small project studio around some of the best microphones, pre-amps, instruments, plug-ins, analogue outboard gear and digital audio systems he could find. The studio now handles all manner of music creation, sound design, recording, mixing, mastering, post sync work and composition for various local and international film, television and new media companies as well as for advertising agencies, record labels and performing artists.

Contact us today to talk about your music production, audio post production or training needs and let us show you how we can add creative value to your next project, check out our "all-things sound, music and pro audio" e-zine FOX FINDS, or search our site for something in particular ...
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